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Set to Lead Project (UCL Engineering) reports available here

last modified Apr 24, 2013 10:20 AM

Set to Lead

Katalytik, working in collaboration with UCL Engineering, received funding to address the differences in transition rates between male and female engineering and technology students into relevant jobs.

Working with Helen Duguid, former Head of Great Leaders at Microsoft, SET to Lead produced a resource pool and workshop to introduce contemporary leadership and effective team skills to students. The project has been informed by:

  • Dialogue with engineering and management academics
  • Discussions with employers
  • On-line survey videos of engineering leaders have been contributed by ThoughtWorks, Highways Agency and Arup. The videos support scenarios developed for engineering academics based on real-life situations. 

The project also produced 2 surveys:

1. Student survey into career choices -  they had over 4,500  responses, including 1,200 women. 

2. Employer survey into recruitment and selection processes for technical students. 

  • Women are less likely than men to be working in engineering and technology roles six months after graduating
  • Women in the final year of undergraduate engineering courses are as likely as men to express the intention to work in engineering and technology roles
  • Female graduates more likely than male graduates to be undertaking some form of further study


For more information and to watch the video's, go to the Katalytik WEBSITE