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Engineering Diversity


In January 2010, the Athena Forum launched its Signposting Career Paths for Post Doctoral Researchers Guide and Bookmark. The initiative was championed by the Professor Dame Alison Richard Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge (2003–10). WiSETI played an important role in the design of the Bookmark and the launch of both the Guide and the Bookmark. The University of Cambridge was also one of the first two Universities to have its own Bookmark.

The aim of the Guide is to fill the gap between the wealth of strategy and policy papers on early career staff and their progression, and the lack of accessible, useful and practical advice for individuals starting their careers. The Bookmark complements the Guide and lists ten questions that Postdocs are encouraged to ask themselves. Each Bookmark is designed to be customised and the University of Cambridge's Bookmark points Postdocs to WiSETI as a resource available to support them in planning and developing their career pathways. The Bookmark is available in most STEM departments within the University, and is also being distributed by the Careers Service.

Download the Signposting Career Paths for Postdoctoral Researchers Guide