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Engineering Diversity



A new Diversity Committee was established in Michaelmas Term 2020 to promote diversity, diversity policies and initiatives across the Department. The Committee includes the previous Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT).

The SAT is Chaired by the Head of Department, and its members were appointed by him in consultation with the Academic Committee. The SAT meet on a termly basis.

Diversity Committee

Head of Department: Professor Richard Prager

Athena SWAN Lead: Dr Megan Davies Wykes

Diversity Lead: Dr Robert Foster

Division A Representative: Dr Luca Magri

Division B Representative: Dr Hannah Joyce

Division C Representative: Dr Athina Markaki

Division D Representative: Dr Christelle Abadie

Division E Representative: Dr Alexandra Brintrup

Division F Representative: Dr Ioannis Lestas

Senior Professional Services Staff Representative: Dr Anna Constantas

HR and Secretary to the Committee: Lotta Kallioinen

Master's Course Representative: Dr Dai Morgan

Laboratory Technician Representative: Kevin Bullman

IT Division Representative: Dan Sexton

Undergraduate Representative: CUES Diversity Officer Tse Uweja

Graduate Student Representative:

Postdoctoral Researcher Representative: Dr Lucia Corsini

Postdoctoral Researcher Representative: Dr Rasha Rezk


Co-opted members will be invited to attend meetings when required:
• Deputy Head of Department (Teaching)
• Deputy Head of Department (Graduate)
• Director of Research
• Departmental Admissions Officers
• Departmental Outreach and Widening Participation Officers
• Departmental Communications Officer
• School of Technology representative
• University Equality and Diversity Division representative
• University HR Committee representative


More about the members

Professor Richard Prager, Chairman

Richard is the Head of Cambridge University Engineering Department.  His research focuses on the development of better non-invasive diagnostic medical imaging systems based on ultrasound.

Richard's work on is particularly focussed on equality of opportunity and access.

Dr Megan Davies Wykes, Academic Lead

Megan is the Liz Acton Lecturer at the Department of Engineering and Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. Her research interests are in environmental fluid mechanics, including pollution in cities and building ventilation. Megan is excited to be the academic lead of the self-assessment team and she feels that it is important that we reach and include all levels of staff, along with making our approach more intersectional.

Dr Rob Foster, Diversity Lead

Dr Lucia Corsini


Dr Rasha Rezk, College Research Fellow

Rasha is a postdoctoral research associate working in the Mechanics, Materials and Design Division. In November 2015, she became a member of Robogal, an engineering society aiming to increase diversity in engineering by taking robotics workshops into schools.  Throughout her graduate studies at the Department, Rasha was extensively involved in organising sports and social activities for women at Wolfson College (as a president of student’s associations and as a captains of the women’s rowing teaming overseeing the implementation of recruitment, training and competitions).

Dr Luca Magri, Division A Representative

Andy is a lecturer and EPSRC Fellow at the Whittle Laboratory which is part of Division A. His research interests are related to gas turbine and turbomachinery flows. Andy is in charge of Admissions to the Centre for Doctoral Training in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics.  He is also a member of the IMechE/RAeS Combined Propulsion committee, whose roles involve public communication of advances in aerospace propulsion technology through seminars and lectures, and by doing so, encourage and promote innovation and technological development. He has two small children (one boy, one girl), and his wife is also an academic.

Andy comments that in his experience, working within a University can offer many benefits in terms of achieving a sensible work-life balance (such as flexible working and a collegiate atmosphere), however there are still many challenges that need to be addressed, particularly for early-career academics who wish to start a family.

Dr Hannah Joyce, Division B Representative

Hannah is a University Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Division (Division B). She leads a research group focussed on developing new nano-structured materials for electronics and photonics. This group is 50% female and consists of Hannah, 4 PhD students and 3 postdocs. Hannah's husband is also a researcher in Division B. She and her husband became parents in 2016 and are enjoying balancing family life with their research careers.

Dr Tore Butlin, Division C Representative


Dr Christelle Abadie, Division D Representative

Christelle is a Lecturer in Civil Engineering, and a Bye-Fellow of Fitzwilliam College.

Dr Alexandra Brintrup, Division E Representative


Dr Ioannis Lestas, Division F Champion


Dr Dai Morgan, Taught Master’s Course Champion

Dai is Deputy Course Director for the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development.

Kevin Bullman

Kevin is a Technician for the Design & Technical Services Group supporting students within the Dyson Centre.

Lotta Kallioinen, Committee Secretary and HR

Lotta is the HR Advisor responsible for staff training and development.

Former SAT members

The following former SAT members were involved in the lead-up to the application for the Silver Award:

  • Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa
  • Dr Claire Barlow
  • María Balson
  • Sally Collins-Taylor
  • Dr Vivien Gruar
  • Dr Kate Knill
  • Anna-Maria Kypraiou
  • Dr Alice Moncaster
  • Jimi Oluwole
  • Camille Bilger
  • Dr Anna Motta
  • Dr Jenni Sidey
  • Madeline McKerchar
  • Talay Cheema
  • Dr Alexandra Brintrup
  • Diana Thomas-McEwen
  • Prof Tim Ibell
  • Dr Flavia Mancini
  • Barbara Paschalis
  • Yoanna Shams
  • Alessandra Luna-Navarro
  • Ingrid Al Helou
  • Lynne Meehan
  • Dr Timothy O'Leary
  • Dr Mukesh Kumar
  • Professor Simone Hochgreb
  • Dr Sue Jackson
  • Dr Andy Wheeler
  • Emma Etteridge
  • Nick Northrop
  • Dr Miriam Lynn
  • Jocelino Rodrigues
  • Dr Hannah Sheahan
  • Dan Sexton
  • Dr Athina Markaki


You can contact the Committee on