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Engineering Diversity


Links to networks and resources for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic members of the engineering department

Here are a range of networks resources and events which might be of interest for BAME members of the engineering department.


University Resources and Networks

BAME Staff Network– Launched in Michaelmas 2018 to provide a space for staff who identify as BAME or have an interest in BAME matters to come together to support the development of race equality at the University.

Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU) facilitates support and networking for Black and Minority Ethnic students as part of its BME Campaign:

"We work with students and student officers offering support and facilitating networking within the ethnic community and the wider society [...] By creating a single cooperative for all BME Students, we are able to build networks and support each other as a community."

The CUSU BME Campaign put together a Welfare Pack at the start of the lockdown which may be especially useful now.

You can also find contact details and a link to a full list of student societies at

The University Diversity Fund (UDF) provides grants of up to £1500 and is open to applications from students and staff. The UDF aims to support initiatives across the University that contribute to raising awareness of issues related to equality and diversity, challenge discrimination and inequalities, increase the representation of under-represented groups, and facilitate implementation of good practice.

Help and advice - The University of Cambridge does not tolerate racial harassment or racial discrimination in any form and is committed to supporting all members of the University community. This page links to sources of support and advice on reporting for both staff and students

Students can request a black counsellor at the University Counselling Service by asking for one in the ‘free text’ boxes on the pre-counselling form. [Requires Raven Access]

National Resources and Networks

AFBE-UK promotes higher achievements in education and engineering particularly among people from Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) backgrounds. Their mission is to increase the number of BME Engineers who succeed professionally and support young people to explore a career in engineering.

Black History 365 is a website 'Celebrating Great Black British Achievers'. Here you can find news, listings, features, information about education and training, fostering and adoption and more. 

The NUS Black Students’ Campaign works on a national level to campaign for BME students.

There are many charities and local organisations that focus on BME mental health, such as Inside Out UK (; the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (http://www . baatn . org . uk/free-services/); the Trauma Therapy Project (; a virtual therapist collective (; and here are links to London-based support: (, and Wales-based (

If you are interested in setting up local events, we would love to hear from you! Please email engineering-diversity@eng.