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New online PPD course in 'Communicating Assertively'

last modified Apr 09, 2013 10:56 AM

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At work and at home, it’s all too easy to speak and act without thinking – and then regret it afterwards. Acting on instinct can lead us to behave aggressively or passively. Both of these are generally unhelpful for our own reputation and for our relationships with others.

Communicating Assertively will show you how to avoid both extremes and instead to use assertive behaviour to build constructive and respectful working relationships. This blended course comprises an online module and face to face session.

The online module will help you understand the assertive mindset and to highlight what assertiveness looks and sounds like.

The face to face session provides an opportunity to discuss what you have learned, to put your assertive skills into practice and to receive individual guidance and feedback. Instructions regarding how to book yourself onto a face to face session are given within the online module.

For additional guidance to help you gain the most from this blended course you can download our Guide to successful online learning.

Target audience:

  • University staff


  • Self guided learning time: approximately 1 - 1½ hours
  • Face to face: one session of three hours


  • to understand the difference between assertive, aggressive, indirectly aggressive and passive thinking and behaviour
  • to recognise the rights and responsibilities which will help you to act assertively
  • to see what assertiveness looks and sounds like
  • to see how to handle difficult behaviour assertively
  • to use a strategy for dealing with challenging situations assertively


  • Please make a booking in order to receive the web link to access the material for this online course
  • A Raven password is needed to access this online course

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