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Diversity Champions

Athena SWAN Diversity Champions should demonstrate visible commitment and involvement and should aim to be the hub of equality and diversity action within their Division or constituent group.

Key responsibilities

Diversity Champions should:

  • have knowledge of the aims of the Athena SWAN Charter, and be able to brief current and potential supporters on the institution’s equality and diversity strategy as well as gain and sustain their support in moving forward the equality agenda;
  • actively promote awareness of equality and diversity matters at all levels in the Division, including academic and non-academic staff and students;
  • encourage support for any workforce-related targets that might be set and for the means of monitoring them, such as supporting initiatives aimed at recruitment of under-represented groups;
  • help to ensure that best practice is celebrated, rewarded and disseminated;
  • help to shape activities and initiatives that underpin the achievement of better representation of women, particularly at senior levels;*
  • comment on whether any such initiatives have been successful and how they could be improved;
  • act as the conduit of information between the Division and the SAT, promoting actions agreed by the SAT, and feeding back to the SAT information and opinion gathered from within the Division;
  • show personal commitment to equality and diversity through involvement in diversity events such as meetings and seminars;
  • use language with due regard for the sensitivities of minority groups and show zero tolerance of remarks by members of the institution that may be sexist, racist, homophobic, ageist or offensive to disabled people, people from religious minorities and other groups.

* Activities in this context may include  academic recruitment, local working practices, educational outreach work and education promotion work that might assist in attracting more women into academic life and career progression.